To be accurate means being less useful to life


The whole universe is dancing its dance of unbearable oneness on the place of the double, only man is given, after the Lord, the place of the double on the place of one, so that one would arise from the double in acceptance of unbearableness.

We live bearable unbearableness. At the expense of the loyal and small ones’ bearableness there is arising unbearableness of the great ones. One is making way for the other, as two cannot exist at the same place, but in balance with oneself, everything remains the same. The first is not bigger than the second, and the second not smaller than the first, and only the second gives space to the first; bearableness gives place to unbearableness. The first unbinds itself in the reflections of its own unbearableness, but in its foundation remains the same; only the second fights with itself, so that it could accept the burden or its own unbearableness in its basis.

It is not you who is the first; it is the Lord who created you. Do not live your life as if everything still awaits you, but be grateful for the day as if it was the last one. Man is always a loser in the fight with himself, whether he agrees to it or not. In his dreams, man always wins, however, only the power of confessing to helplessness opens the paths of reality.

Man is always the first at the starting point and second in feedback. Regardless of the situation, is man always fighting a fight with himself. Between the acceptance of feedback and persistence at the starting point, there is outstretched the world of difference between acceptance and non-acceptance – the psychological world of man. If man allowed everything to be as it is, if he admitted to his own powerlessness, then everything would run automatically and unbind him from the unbearableness within himself.

As long as man chases the balance within, he is in a constant fight with himself; only once he admits his own helplessness and agrees to the defeat, can he let go of all the threads of balance from his hands and leave them to the hands of life. The spirit of life starts working in him then, which awakes the reality from the dreams.

Death is far away, up to the moment when it comes, and it is therefore difficult to say how hard it is to accept it, as it is indescribably tough to accept and live defeated for all of us. Everyone is alone in the fight with themselves and even after death will you battle your struggle, until you accept the defeat in within; until then your soul will not be at peace.

 Just the same as life is here and now, so are also death and your defeat, the one you are not aware of as long as you in ratio live anything else.