Deep within the winter springs sleep

With smallness you offend the big one – delight the small one


At this time everything will be putting you into death more and more,
But nothing of what is putting you there is real,
However, death is real, therefore embrace it and you will open up the place for life.

The Lord is the information of the other side, there is none within.

Dreamily the man cried, laughed, only dreamily experienced life and death, for no one is information to himself, everyone is only a side of the other side, whether he agrees to it or not.

You were an unknown, a half of everything – some stayed with themselves, but lived for the other side, some walked to the other side and built a throne of their side from it. But even if you are god on your side, you do not outweigh even for an atom, for the bigger you are within, the less of you there is in reality.

With smallness you offend the big one – delight the small one.

As long as you are on your side, you are dreamy and not real, for you have stolen everything from the other side. He who is big within bargains, with the small one, and he who remains small, is giving his side and opening the place of reality. Every nature is precise, but only the beaten nature or accepted death outweighs the whole man or the other side.

The soul is the bond between foreign and yours,
But once the foreign becomes yours, your soul becomes foreign
And then the soul becomes a gap of foreign or the origin of yours.

The soul is the gravitation between magnetisms of foreign and yours which is foreign, until you accept the foreign and in it beat yours. The soul is a stolen fluid of the spirit, which is why it dies out under the fluids of the stronger. But the spirit itself gives the spirit to the soul of the loyal and no soul can take that away. Once the spirit engulfs the soul, the fluids of the loyal ones flow into the river of the light of one spirit, whereas the self-willed souls are engulfed by the dark world of the spirit without fluid.

We were spirits within ourselves, souls only within others – we were gravitations in the ratios of our own magnetism, but are becoming the souls of the fluid, given one after another or spirits of the stolen one over the other.

There is only one place of occupation – the place of goodbye is infinite.

Some will clash for the only and swirl one another on the place of occupation or death, others will be leaving and in the goodbye open up the place of life for one another. Once the vertical opens, the place of occupation no longer has any balance in the place of the seizure, for there is nobody there anymore. The goodbye and the occupation thus part – the occupation opens its own abyss – the goodbye opens the place to everything.

The consciousness of the elementary state is in the sleeping state, but you live dreams; but the sleeping state is awoken by the rule of your dreamy world. We are at the threshold of the awakening of the other side, the awakening of the consciousness. The big one will awake small and the small one the big, and nobody will be able to believe their eyes.

Deep within the winter springs sleep and deep within,
Beyond your consciousness, the consciousness of the other side sleeps
And only our goodbye has the power to awaken from dreams into reality.