Death is the only logic of this world


Everything we defend with our identity is automatically in opposition with the logic of the spiritual. And all logic of the spiritual is in complete opposition with the logic of this world. The logic of this world is death and it would be nonsense to think that it could be different.

There is only one logic that man has not grasped all through his history. The logic called death. Do we not travel towards death right from our birth? The only logic of this world is death and there is no logic in between.

Every ruler who has trusted only himself was wrong in only one logic; that like the rest of us, in the end, death awaits him.

A man can be a king, a tsar, he can be Pope – he can be the president of the greatest country in the world – or he can be an ‘ordinary’ man or an Olympic champion. There is nothing that could save us from death. A wise and reasonable man will not try to bind himself to any worldly labelling, for any proper identification is only an unconscious try to run away from ground zero – from death.

Anyone who binds his identity to whatever he does has already signed his judgement as invisible and lost to life. Every own advantage that a man fights for or has in life is his only real danger. Every disadvantage, like for instance disability or being poor, etc. is for a man, as cruel as it sounds, pure God’s mercy.

The understanding of lawfulness gives us the power to ‘shake off’ all disagreeable situations. To put it differently; once we comprehend that and accept as the one and only, we become stronger than any external data or even the belief that what we see in front of us actually is there.

Yes, we become stronger than what defines us and therefore independent and tougher than all external data or this world. When that is achieved, we do not enslave anyone anymore and nobody can enslave us (I have beaten this world).

Then only the one who wants us and is worthy of us can choose us. Who is not worthy of us will go away. He will leave the same way a free bird does, wherever he wants.

When a man reaches the point when he does not bet on anything worldly he is free of himself and enters the true freedom.

The power of spirit or fluid is at this time already immense. At this time we can actually rely on the fluid, for the power of spirit has prevailed over the worldly. Although that is not very obvious at the time, the rule of the basis and with that our trust has begun changing.

Man is a point that either creates a dialogue or does not. He can create is with this world or the other one. Man is the one who gives contact to hope. Once he is able to do that, the live spirit of reality or the Holy Spirit automatically and unconsciously accompanies him. Otherwise, he can only be accompanied by the spirit of death.

All creation is one point, whereas man is the other one or the whole of all creation (God’s Image), who can, by its own will, give the dialogue to one or the other rule.

It is good that he gives contact to hope. To confide the secrets of the transcendent world – the secrets of the limitless and eternal – in everything that this world does not have.

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