Death is the most prudent of all

Once man comprehends that the faith of others is his faith, he becomes stronger and starts accepting the weaknesses of others onto himself


Death judges about life and you give it name.

There are two deaths; the first one is rising above life, killing it, and the second one is the mother that life springs from.

The name of the first one is non-acceptance, the name of the second acceptance.

You are born into the centre of the universe, you live and stand astride the decision between right and left. However, the left is not the right’s half, nor is the right the left’s half. There is for a whole entirety of difference between them – your steps from fullness to emptiness.

You look at the whole universe as fillings in space, when in fact they are voids in time, and once they remain only voids, the space for fillings will come to life.

Your nature is your stepmother, who tortures your soul because you live it as a filling, although it is just a hole in time – once you realize that, you leave it and if somebody else leaves it two, there are two on the path from the difference of fillings into the coverage of voids.

As long as the left one lives itself at the starting point and the right one itself, they are in feedback to one another always in the difference of the starting point. Therefore they, as long as they do not acknowledge one another at the starting point, unwillingly limit themselves.

We limit ourselves in our thoughts, words, actions, but unbind each other only with the acceptance of our own death.

We live the feedback that is not confirmed at the starting point, we live life at the starting point of death.

There is one death and thousands of lives, and there is one life and thousands of deaths.

Your death does not cover my life and my death does not cover yours. On the inside, there is no half of that which is outside and the right is not the accurate information for the left, which is why there is no coverage between them, but the asymmetry of difference. It is in this difference that man’s consciousness grows.

Some live the peak of the difference on the scale of deficit, some deficit on the scale of the peak. One flows into the other, the deficit into peak and the peak into the deficit. In a man who lives externally, the inwardness follows the exterior, and in him who lives inwardly, the exterior follows the inner.

He who lives the benefit of the difference sleeps in this difference; but those who live in the cross of this difference are aware of it. This difference is the difference between life and death, and only Jesus took the cross of this difference entirely upon himself.

There is no good nor evil, there are only blind eyes that search for the other side through the intention of good and evil. Until the consciousness is not confirmed from two sides, the good from the other side is evil and the evil from the other side good.

We are poor devils, who are not aware of their own darkness, when we chase light in ratios; but darkness will befall everyone, once the ratios fall and from the ratio of darkness rises life. He who takes the darkness upon himself will die in light, and he who lives light will fade away into darkness.

Man is the only being who is aware of his death, and therefore the only one who can take the fact of death upon himself, yet also the only one who claims life. Man runs from death with every ownership, but falls deeper into it with every ownership in his sub consciousness. In fear of our own deaths, we open up distances one in front of the other; we only give birth to proximities with the acceptance of our own death.

I come to you free, but in order to leave free, I have to take upon myself the burden of death.

For I am one death on the field of thousands that come to me, and life in the thousands that leave from me free.

There is one death that is called the Lord and there are thousands of lives from it, yet each of them is passing on the field of death of another and each eternal on the field of proper death.

Man is a free being, which is why he is given the consciousness to judge what is right, and conscious to know when he does wrong.

Everything you are subjugated to, is grace with you, everything that you subjugate, is burden over you.

Death is the most prudent of all, only the acceptance of death ploughs the fields of freedom and opens the heaven of eternity for another.

Yet everything would spin in an eternal circle of difference between the right and the left… until somebody else, like Him, takes the entire difference upon himself. It will be then that the left will cover the right and the accuracy between them open the path to the kingdom of the right for everyone who lived the powerlessness of the left.


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