Deaf world

There is no life on the outside if there is no life on the inside


There is no comfort on the outside – only on the inside. There is no prayer on the outside – only on the inside.

There is no request on the outside, if there is not first one on the inside.

Only a request on the inside is a prayer and in it your comfort.

He who stays outside is left with no comfort, for you cannot ask on the inside if you are outside. But all outside comforts pass, only the ones that you asked for on the inside remain.

You are born as the powerlessness of power that defends itself with the power of powerlessness of the other side, but only the loyal ones leave there the world opens up beyond power and powerlessness.

Many will be too late for the other side, not in time nor space, for those are merely two dimensions of this world, as even the eternity is not enough that you would be able to ask on the inside if you are outside.

Everything on the outside estranges, everything on the inside brings together. We meet outside in time and spaces, but we can only meet on the inside in the spirit.

Nothing on the outside will be taken from anyone, and yet when you lose what is on the inside you will realize that outside there is nothing that is worth if it is not conditioned on the inside.

The whole world is warbling on the outside to lure the voice from the inside, but everything that is outside is quiet on the inside.

People are sure of their communicativeness, while in fact everyone is in a monologue and in his own deaf world; for as long as you do not defend yourself with anything, you do not awake anything anywhere. We are all deaf and mute, while the inner world teaches us the alphabet, so that one day we could understand each other and speak in a dialogue with someone.

And Loyalty has spoken and set the first letter of the dialogue, it was heard and when it is granted with the other letter, the bond between inside and outside will be broken. Then it will give birth to the first song of the inside world, but also the darkness of the deaf world of everyone who stayed on their side of light.

There is no life on the outside if there is no life on the inside.

Jesus gave his life in order to awake the inside world in everything. He left this world of the outside and put 1/8 into minus ¼, on the Lords right hand of the inside. When he hears the voice from the other side in his inside world, he will know for the first time that he is, and life will know that they are, and will from minus half open the minus of the whole, in which all the gentle birds of the inside world will sing forever.

But until then, nobody knows,
And a pinch of time is left until then,
For you to become silent in front of the face of the silence,
Before it speaks with your words or stops speaking forever.