Crack in time

What good will a palm, full of effort do you, if you are not willing to open it for anyone?


You are a living crack in time,

A deduction that wants to get caught in summation,

Yet nevertheless always in the summation of some deduction.

You are the rule – you are the fact of the difference or crack in time which conditions the ratio of some deduction or the deduction of some summation.

All the ratios in space are ratios of deduction in time, all the ratios in time are ratios of the deduction in space. As long as time and space are crossed between themselves, are all the ratios merely balance catching in the crack of time and therefore only fictitious.

This world is a world of difference in time and space, due to which everything is passing, as long as the deduction is trying to get caught in the summation; yet only in the cognition the admission and reconciliation into the deduction of proper world that conditions the eternal spirit.

The crack in time is awareness, it is your time for consideration through the conditioned ratios of the soul, which in the difference either extinguishes awareness or gives birth to it. The crack in time is getting smaller with awareness, however, with that your time of acceptance of the fact of the deduction through the ratios is running out. The conditioned awareness in the spirit opens the palms of awareness in the soul; complemented awareness closes the crack in time and then there is no way out. The rule of the spirit conditioned in the soul begins to work in full awareness, for you become the rule of the spirit of the conditioned fact of summation or deduction.

Nobody is the measurement of eternal life to anyone, and yet for one another we define the measurements of the ration with summations or deductions of the difference inside of us.

What good will a palm, full of effort do you, if you are not willing to open it for anyone?

All the palms are the same in the Lord, the difference is only in an open or closed one. Each open palm is full of life; each closed palm is an empty palm.  That is the secret of the Lord, the rule of which writes each man himself.

Each closed palm is the summation of the deduction without coverage, certainty on other’s expense; each open palm infinite insecurity of the difference of some summation’s deduction that is taken upon oneself.

There is no certainty, for life is infinite uncertainty, and man should therefore agree with uncertainty, for life opens the palms only to the humble in trust in them.

Children are pure in heart of their uncertainty. Jesus stepped into the heart of infinite insecurity of the eternal difference between life and death. In the crack of time the security of the closed palms had to break through the open palm of insecurity and with a spear of death pierce the heart of the Purest, so that Life could say:

‘Look, my Son, the one that brings me joy.’

In Him the crack in time was getting smaller through everyone and about the one who did not exuberate in the difference, but respected the gift of life, Life says:

‘Look, my son – my daughter, who brings me joy.’