Reality does not rise above anybody, and yet it fells the trees once the frost comes


It is sad to see a fallen tree which bloomed into an untimely spring, yet seeing a live man in a body of a dead one is harder than death of any tree, for trees can die into a man, whereas man is compelled to live death, even though he is not ready to die for anyone.

Everything that rises above anything for even an atom sins over reality which the Lord has given him, for nothing that you have conditioned has come yet.

One blossom of life, thousands of panicles, man only one of them, no longer in the Lord’s palms, not less than a snowflake that falls onto an unknown face. One gifted panicle, the sun to thousands, one kept for oneself, death in thousands of panicles.

All of nature is living a forced offering, only man has the power of true giving, and also all the freedom to rip the panicle form the blossom of life. Each offering is a circle, only death is perfect and very untouchable, each characteristic angular and imperfect, therefore easily catchable in the mirror of perfection.

Nothing exists by itself, everything is conditioned somewhere. And everything is conditioned in man, from everything to nothing and from nothing to all his conditioning.

This world is a print of what used to be before it was, so that a print of the actual would be conditioned in it. This world is everything and nothing, for nothing has been yet conditioned from this side. Each is a world for himself, therefore each for himself conditions the print of the one who is yet to come and will have to enter it.

Your print is formed in me, mine in you, only that is our connection in the womb of the neutron – free in reigning and merciful in allowing each other; for in the neutron everything is one, on the scales of summation and deduction in the mirror equalling nothing, however, in the acceptance of the difference one will tear in two and actualize everyone’s world of summation and deduction. He who has deducted himself entirely has left the mirror and conditioned the beginning for the reality, while for him who has, within himself, added up completely, the reality will turn the mirror and seal the paths with it.

He who persists with me till the end will be saved.

From the first breath everything is given to you and you would not be able neither to take not give if it had not been given to you. Go, therefore, until you are completely gone and do not exuberate like a spring before anything, for even if you have conditioned something, that spring has not come yet.

Extend your hand to everything, no matter whether it respects you or not. We live a winter within and do not blackmail the spring with anything, but bring hope of spring to everyone whom you meet on your path.

In the spirit no information can be negative, it can be only proper. People fight battles for their own information, however, in them man is losing the fight with life. Everyone can be god in their own mirror, but life is immune to all personal information.

If you are loyal you are nothing before you are, and you fight with the acceptance of the feeling of the end in everything. If you are proper, you experience your beginnings in everything.

The Lord opens the paths according to your conditioning – do not force any of them, but accept each. He who is loyal will be met by loyalty on his paths; he who blackmails will be shrunk by his narrowness which will, in the end, block all his paths. Do not be a blackmailer of your own paths, but an observer on your way, for paths open according to man’s intentions.

Whatever it is that you open before you, be merciful with everything as long as you are the lord and the Lord is only a pauper before you. God’s will seeks only the man who is at the disposal, the Lord leaves each world of proper interests.

Accept the fact of stagnation – the fact of your own death. Trust and you will see that only that, which is not worthy of you is leaving. Time minimizes the rock of asymmetry with each your acceptance, for you are asymmetry which you have to accept.  Do not, therefore, attempt to live the counterpoint in the mirror of strange death.

There is no death, only insufficient conditioning. Be the observer on the paths of leaving, not a blackmailer of your paths. Only in them, who will persist all the way, does new Life, worthy of infinity, sprout. More beautiful than the most beautiful blossom that buds from the winter into the spring.