Conditioned Trust

We give energy to each other but nobody can give energy to himself


A born child is empty of understanding yet full of trust. As years go by and man grows up and matures, his understanding also grows, whereas trust depends on his loyalty.

The human kind was much more trusting in the past, although it understood a lot less. Today man understands everything, yet his trust is running dry in the rivers of distrust, for all the understandings in our own world are empty if we do not condition trust for others.

As long as your understanding is the outline of the exterior, your trust remains weak and your power for objectivity too small. Only once you agree to the darkness of your own eyes, to complete blindness, you open up the eyes of the spirit or inner understanding that gives the power of true trust, the trust in objectivity.

Man can live his y (information) at the expense of x (unknown) of everything, only at the expense of his own not. Only if he accepts his x does he cover the y Lord in himself and becomes the basic y of everything. By living y, man opens up distrust; by accepting x, he conditions trust that opens the basis for all.

Your conditionings of trust are angels above this world of distrust.

Man is a xy, a born y (information) of the Lord’s x (unknown). You carry the Lord’s x within you and you can agree to it and allow y to everything, or you can live y at the expense of the Lord’s x, or the horizontal at the expense of someone’s vertical.

According to the mathematical accuracy of inverse proportion the vertical works in two directions. The amount of energy that is necessary for the rise up on the vertical equals the one that is produced by falling down the vertical.

We give energy to each other but nobody can give energy to himself. Everything that accepts the vertical gives energy to the horizontal. Once the vertical and horizontal are de-crossed, they are realized.

The measurement of the measurement cancels inverse proportion xy – yx on the vertical and realizes the ratio of the accepted x as objectivity y on the horizontal of the eternal.

Man cannot influence anything that touches him directly, he cannot influence his trust. However, by accepting that which he has no influence over, he opens his trust in life.

The fluid of life on the shadows of vertical is dying out at the expense of 45° angle. Yet in reality nothing dies out, it is only born on the other side, out of all the hopes of the loyal one on the vertical.

Each comprehension conditions trust, the same as each trust conditions comprehension. The Lord conditioned the comprehension in man, for man is a born y of the Lord’s x. By completely accepting x upon himself, Jesus conditioned the trust in man for seeking the Lord’s y.

You live the world of understanding, yet what you understand only conditions the world of trust into what you understand. Everything is completed in the world of understanding and the time of difference between the understood, and the trust in the understood is running. If you did not allow understanding, what is there left to trust in?

Understanding in itself is not problematic, but there is a difference in taking something seriously or just as a subject of debate. There is never a problem of understanding, only the problem of trust.

Have at least a bit of trust in what you understand, at least as much as is needed for your act.

Comprehension is a much more powerful force than belief. If belief is offered a hand on your side, then comprehension is offered a hand from the other. When you understand something, there is no reason why not to trust it.

When comprehension is strong enough, there is no reason why trust would not occur as well, for to your every distrust, the comprehension answers with the same answer: ‘There is no reason’.

There is no reason for your distrust, man, for everything that you have understood is a milestone of something real and portions out all the real from the other side.

Hatred did not exist; there were only distrusts in the darkness.

Jesus said: ‘Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.’

But you know, for the comprehension in the spirit lit the light in the souls of everyone. Therefore trust, so that the Lord does not say: ‘You have hated me without reason.’

For distrust is gone, there is only the cry of hatred without reason into the deaf night of comprehension.

He who trusts now is loved in the Lord, for he loves with the force of actions.