Circle of time


Time is, before it is,
It dismantles and puts together everything.
It is the foundation stone of everything,
Nothing touches it, only time touches the ratios.

In the circle time runs two ways,
In the direction of the dismantling toward the basis or in the direction of construction.
Everything that it puts together on one side, it dismantles on the other and vice versa.

Everyone is within a dream on the rim of the time of reality,
Through which he walks and dismantles or puts together his dream.

Nobody can survive in the dreams of another,
But everyone is a place of reality to another.

He who dreams his own worlds, is moving away from the starting point,
He whose eyes are opened analyses
And in the circle of time walks toward the starting point of reality.

As long as he is at the rim of the time of reality, man can dream,
But once in the centre of the reality, he meets the dreams, the time awakens the dreaming one.

Comprehension is the division of time down to the foundation and is given to everyone
Who does not double cross with the dreamy images.
Everything rounded up has its centre.
Comprehension is the centre of time, with it everything untangles from the loop of the dream.

Time is given to man, so that he would dismantle himself
And accept the starting point or time without assumptions.