You are born without a difference – without characteristics


Time flows through him who is stronger than his own look,
He who lives his own look, the time is running through him and passing in the space,
As it does not open the look to anything.

Every proper look – eyes that see, but passed themselves, do not see anything
And the devil the master of the eyes that look, but do not see anything.

Once you agree to your own blindness, time runs through you and after you, opening the eyes of everything. The Lord is a heart, lost within oneself, the look that everything has acquired.

All characteristics exist due to the difference of one another, nothing exists only in itself. Everyone is without a difference within, but before others in a difference of holding the proper existence.

All living creatures are trapped in the difference of one another, only man is a being that can take that difference upon himself and out of non-existence become the starting point of life within.

Everyone defends their difference in front of another, although not believing in it themselves, for within is everyone nothing without a difference, only the others have the difference that man needs to accept.

We are faster and slower from one another, each without a difference within. Powerlessness and fear are in your look, not in the actual power or powerlessness. There are only the stronger and weaker of their own looks.

Life is a characteristic that carries your aftertaste, until you accept the difference that delimits you from everything else. You exist in the aftertaste of your own, only once you accept the nothing within, do you step out of the ratio of the difference and condition your taste for life.

Life is born from the acceptance of the difference of one another.

Life has thousands of tastes, but as long as you live only yours, are all the aftertastes of yours and the life before you only a dreamy picture of your look.

‘Father, into Your hands I deliver my soul’, said Jesus, when he left his look and remained blind, so that you could watch from His eyes and see life without your own admixtures.

…and when you leave your look, then His eyes will look and see from you. His eyes will be in ours then and yours in the Lord’s, and not pictures of proper look in the caves of one another, lost in time.

On the outside there is no reason for despair on the inside.

Everything is on the verge of despair, on the edge of the acceptance of non-existence,
But only the acceptance of non-existence leads from your despair.

‘I am giving you peace, but not the peace of this world.’ Or in other words: ‘I am giving you power, but not the power of this world – not the power of difference, but the power of accepting nothing, which is the one and only starting point of this world.’

The power is not yours – yours is the acceptance of nothing over all the differences in you. The power is not yours, the same as the spirit is not yours, and yet it functions after you.

Only in the acceptance of one another do we leave the dreamy pictures of proper looks
And only from the place of acceptance of nothing do characteristics of life arise.

The power to accept nothing is not in the intellect, nor in the skill or any power over powerlessness,

But in the offering or unconditional acceptance of everything.