There is one now, one spirit that blows above all and a thousand reflections in the present


When you rush through the days or are silent in solitude, do you know – does space travel through time? And when you travel through the country or sleep under the wing of your given home, do you know – does time travel through space? And if you think that you know, are can you be sure?

You are a space in time, time in space, the past of the future, the future of the past, and therefore you cannot know, for you are one in the double that through the cross travels home into the present of the double in one.

Only today am I really with you, when tomorrow comes we will be strangers to each other, at a roadless point of yesterday’s burdens.

There is no past or present, there is nothing left anymore and there never existed anything you could hold on to.

The more you move away, the more is whatever you are running from knocking on your door.

Every consciousness counts on some consciousness, however, no consciousness is behind – you are the one who can condition a consciousness. We are merely projections, according to which the basis is drawn, shadows that can give birth to trees.

Every life form is the law of some unborn consciousness – a bird that flies, a flower that blooms, water that flows and man the last, yet the first consciousness that conditions the birth of a consciousness.

A consciousness is like a sleeping memory; it is not something that would be lost, nor something that needs to be born; it is only something that sleeps and wakes up once man conditions it.

You will only live in the name of some consciousness; in the name of yours you will be a corpse.

All the reflections are reactions, overtaken time in which you leave life behind and thus put the fellow man into a cross. Your consciousness gives birth to some other consciousness, but only as long as it is accurate; everything else is taking up the space of unborn consciousness.

Every reaction is non-acceptance of the state you are put in, but every state a projection, only acceptance is real. Man is obligated to accept and finally accept every state that he is put in.

However, man reaches deeper and deeper into the past and defiles all the places, up to the last, with the name God. All to the place of the yet unborn Lord has he reached with the palms of the mind, so that he might keep his reality and open up the future for himself; nevertheless, he cannot reach deeper into the past but to his origin, and we are all our own origins, yet nobody to ourselves.

Up until now the time has been opening up the palms to man; now the time stands still if man does not open up his palms.

Reality is the only constant that is defined by man, all other are ratios or reflections of uncovered present.

Jesus lived and died for it, after Him nobody else has to die for it, only let live. In the name of the mother of life he gave his life, while today many kill in soul, spirit and body due to trifles.

You are one, split up in two – a shadow without a tree, a tree without a shadow. You are two, split in one of your own entirety, which is why you can never know anything for sure.

There is no certainty, nothing you could hold on to, except for the certainty of passing above all and in it the birth of everything that the cross of passing takes upon itself.

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