Bread, the symbol of life

To the selfish one everything is senseless, and to the loyal everything is sense


To be available is always correct. Mother’s bread from a baker’s oven is always the best – it does not matter whether it is tough or soft. Even though there are hundreds of breads available at the store, you can never find a better one. Nowadays everyone eats the one that they choose themselves, no one eats the given one.

Bread is the symbol of life and Jesus therefore consecrated it with the following words: ‘Everyone eat, for this is my body, giving itself for you.’ My body is like a mother’s bread that gives you life.

When you pray, you should thus ask for the strength to overcome your principles and self-will. Self-will always leads into darkness. To ask and to pray is necessary also so that we could and would always be available to everyone. Whenever you are available to someone, you are looking through the actual or Lord’s eyes.

‘To be available’ means opening the actual eyes. Everything else is more or less selfish and stupid; mere advocating of one’s own illusion.

The moment when a man ‘grabs’ onto the self-will of somebody, he becomes self-willed himself. The modern people, with women at the head, are losing their eternal life due to their self-will. Why? Because of their own principles.

Modern man defends and teaches exclusively and only self-will. Only self-will is fashionable and is therefore promoted everywhere and on every step.

The modern woman has to have a character – she has to be a personality. ‘Build your self-will to the sky and rule.’ Over whom or what???? Man can truly rule and master only himself.

When man does something self-willingly, he is not available to anyone. He therefore does not serve God but the devil. With all his self-will, with all his actions, he asserts only his identity. Yet by doing so he is only deceiving himself. Man does not need his identity for any true act. For anything real, one first needs to give up one’s identity or accept death.

A young person finds it difficult to control himself and his nature. He should thus fight to tame it as quickly as possible. He has to try hard not to become full of principles and stupid – he has to try hard to defeat his self-will.

Every young believer should in his prayers consequently ask: ‘Jesus, please help me to overcome the era of my puberty as soon as possible, and so that during my development I would not have problems with the intellect – please help me become a wise, reasonable person with open eyes of the spirit.’

Your close one may fall victim to self-will. You can help him by accepting this cross onto yourself. You will not have difficulties wearing it, for it is for his own good. Take his principle onto yourself and be merciful.

In time the close one will calm down as the Jesus melts his principle according to you. In an invisible way, through the loyal ones, God thus passes mercy among people.

Never ever encourage and awake principles in people. Always and everywhere try to warm and soften the principles of your close ones.

For a man who follows the mysterious will of God all life, events happen automatically. Man should thus never pounce on God’s will. If he does that, he spoils God’s intention. By entangling in human games, man does not consecrate the Lord but the devil.

God’s mercy is not as ruthless as that of us people – it is limitless. Jesus’s mercy can soften all, even the toughest man’s nature, for it slyly trickles through the hidden paths of reality concealed from our eyes. God’s mercy finds a big enough slit in the doors that have long been airtight shut for human strategy. Only true offering and prayer can open these slots. If you want to become the one after which these paths open, then do not pretend and act how religious you are – believe seriously and determinedly.

Do not throw away your life. When it falls, pick it up the same as you pick up a piece of bread that has fallen to the ground. Pick it up, blow on it, kiss it and eat it. Clean up and eat your life that is at your disposal. That is why bread is the symbol of life.

The Lord is the Spirit, is the mystery of all creation – is the mystery of everything that is happening to us. Man does not lack anything if he trusts the Lord. You should therefore trust boundlessly despite anything.

We must live as if in a movie that rolls backwards. Similarly to pieces of bread, falling back into the whole loaf. Man must not live as if he were merely looking what to tear off from one of Lord’s breads of reality. If we live by tearing our pieces each for ourselves, then each entirety might break into an infinite number of pieces. Inasmuch as we offer ourselves in one piece, then every broken or divided state can be combined back into the crystal clearness of God’s basin of our offering.

Each among us has such a piece. If the power of mercy and compassion for your close ones is awoken in you, you have to preserve it and put all your effort into it. That means that every person is one such piece and everyone can do what is in their power.

When you tear off a piece of offered bread you should be grateful. You have to realize that you will have to give it all back. Tell yourself: ‘I am this piece, giving myself for you Lord.’ Because the Lord wants to see that piece back in its place.

You yourself are that piece that has been given to you by God. Therefore, whenever man philosophises as he pleases, it sounds as: ‘How about I tear it like this, what about if I were to…’ pettiness and primitivism, making fun of Lord’s mercy.

That means that man must be smaller by a whole loaf, not only by the piece that he has received from the Lord. Only thus can he form wholeness with another piece. For man to live eternally, one piece is not enough, it takes the whole loaf – it is not enough that he offers only a part of himself, he has to offer himself completely.

That is why Jesus said: ‘This is my body, giving itself for you.’ He did not give only a piece of himself, he gave his wholeness for each of us. Until you are ready to do that, speculation remains present, which means that ‘no matter the piece you are given – you should always give the whole of you.’

Only Lord’s decisions are final. The duty of every loyal person is to react when the spirit in him dictates so. As this is the Lord’s spirit, it is worth and necessary to fight for each person till the last atom of strength. Why?

If you are not ready to fight till the end and you yourself define what enough is, then you have not done anything for him. If you believe that it is not on you to help someone and you, let’s say, do not warn them, then you have not done anything as well.

Therefore, never decide for yourself who is worthy of your help and who is not. In front of the Lord you are indebted to anyone you can help. Inasmuch you can help someone do not search for the reasons against but try for each soul as much as possible. Never think in the sense: ‘This one is lost, it is not worth helping him.’ If that is the way you think, then you are very unjust. Who are you that you can decide as if you were God?