Blind Criterion

You are not the criterion; the criterion is in you and establishes itself as the starting point of life, the moment when you leave your criterion


Forms function consciously – the ratios between them or proportionality in them subconsciously. As long as you see from your point of view, you do not see anything or anyone, but only your twisted pictures, for all the proportions are twisted.

Some orient themselves according to the distance or calculation; some according to harmony or feeling, but all the orientations will dry up, while the criterion in you remains as the starting point of life and death.

You are a blind man, therefore do not measure anyone. A blind man and yet a criterion to all others and others to you. And if you agree to that, then the death in you measures the steps of life which are coming to you from the other side. However, where you measure the steps of life, there is no one on the other side, and only dead eyes in you.

From here to there some measure their greatness – from there back here some admit their smallness before life.

He who agrees to every measurement does not need a meter for the dimensions, with which speculators bargain, not knowing that only due to two the accuracy of the Third and Only can be found – the rule of criterion above all which fixes all the wrong.

The shorter the distance, the more inaccuracy gives it away – the bigger it is, the more mistakes it allows. We are coming into the time of the accurate measurement or into the accuracy of thnto the starting point of life and death.

We are in the time of stopping –
Some stop others within them – some stop themselves within
And between them it is settled as the silence in the world of music.

Between two that are stopped within themselves – a world of soap bubbles and
Runaway tones that are returning home is written.
Between those who stop one another –
Runaway souls into the darkness of the spirit.

In each of us one I is dying: the black clock (feedback) or the white clock (starting point). And on the third clock the time is running both ways, for each into the chosen direction. On the six clock all the tension will be cancelled out (energy) and the power (dimension) will start running. The white in the white cannot be stopped by anyone anymore, not even the clock that is set to ‘no’, for there is nobody in front of it anymore.

Before Jesus, the tension could have ruined everything, the same as the pressure does a sealed container. But after Jesus, the valve of the whole flowing out into the new dimension is opened, so that in two the 45° angle flows into the 90° angle of the accurate measurement of the whole.

Each motion is a slow anti-clockwise direction dripping. Thus every impregnation and every thought reduces the current of tension clock-wise. But not the thoughts that are in the place and that man carries in esteem of his own parameters, but rather the thoughts that are awoken in you and are awaking every day, but not from the thoughts of some thoughts.

Everyone is looking for and believing, in their own way, in a third force:
The people vote leaders and choose parties, believers hope for miracles
And beggars bargain in the name of the third force with thousands of mysteries.
Only Jesus was saying: ’You are the third force (feedback of all occurrences)
And the third force is within you yourselves.’

And it is the time when the feedback is touching with the finger the finger, as in a mirror.
And then the finger eats the finger or gives birth to it,
For the mirror is the Lord from two sides.