Birth of eternal


What is the cause of human problems and what good do they do? Imagine that time is a throat of fleetingness that without exception devours everything there is as well as the human who is involved in the opposite of that process.

From this tension – from moment to moment, from one day to the next, from year to year – recognition and awareness grow ripe, and consequently so does birth. It is just that we do not know about this birth.

What we know are anguish, pain and anxiety – like a mother before a birth of a child knows only pain. And pain gives her joy only after the child is born.

We who live are prisoners of time. With loyalty and patience we diminish the tension between the throat of time that devours us and ourselves, who do not want that. We lessen our captivity and thus suffering. That is the calling of religions. Nobody knows what will be born and yet everything – the whole of nature, strives for this birth.

Suffering is the only blessing and the only sign that a big and healthy child is about to be born. Who does not know suffering, does not know life and will never see it and get to know it.

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