Between reality and dreams



Man is born between reality (nothing) and dreams (everything)
and in this time he has arrived from all the differences in the external mirror
to the point zero-zero.

And the time has come when through your internal mirror
one side of you is leaving and the other side is coming.

If your primary side is coming from point zero into reality,
the secondary side is departing into the dream world
and only in your increasingly fading dreams you still are human in your relationship with others.
If the secondary side of you is coming from point zero into your reality,
the primary side is leaving into the zero of your dreams
and more and more dreamy are the animal passions with a human head inside of you.

But in the mountains, the snow is falling
and by January everything within us will already be unbound,
and the world outside of us will begin.

Then we will recognize each other for the first time.