Bettween shallows and depths

People fix up their houses, yet there is no human offering. Finally our houses will be nicely tidied up but Life will stay on the outside


You world runs between instinct and reason, you are born on the brink between shallows and depths, on the brink of a consciousness that with a meticulous hand guides you if you are prepared to follow. If you do, your consciousness becomes lighter and your will strong in the heart of your own oblivion. It is then that you take a step, you act, and there is nothing that can stop you. By entering the new world – the world of the Invisible that is becoming visible after you – you have stopped time.

While you are a child, play in the shallows of childhood and let the shallows of instinct in you mature into letters of reason. Once they mature, however, leave the shallow waters so as not to get cut on the reef of your instinct. When a man grows up he has to traverse into suitable depths and when the time comes, forever swim into the infinite profundity. It is extremely easy to dare the depths while on the shore of the shallows, yet extremely bold before the profundity of life.

We are profundities to one another and only shallow waters to ourselves. With each real relationship we leave behind the shallows and enter the world of depths, and with autocracy spend the depths of eternity at the cost of our own shallows.

The world of shallows is disappearing, the world of visible is losing itself in the night, for with the shallows there disappears every possible contact and left behind are only empty reactions that function without any orientation in a man who spent his soul and spirit on the shores of his own.

I am presently live after a live relationship, your relationship revives me and only through the grace of your consciousness am I, from the invisible, becoming visible to the eyes that have let me flourish on the field of my relationship.

Nobody can live life instead of you. Each creature only guards its life. There is no bitterness in this world, only the faith in the Invisible and sleep on the shores of the visible.

The whole of creation is a reflection of the Invisible, caught in the positive of the visible without coverage. Man can take the negative of all the creation upon himself. Man is a negative of the positive of everything after a Man who has completely covered his positive and established a basis and a form of the negative, the spirit and the soul. Yet he can only live in the negative of somebody else and the whole world of the Invisible in him after you, if you take the negative upon yourself.

I have stopped the time but I have not stopped the man inside it. I am a field of stopped time, without growth until man stops man so that the time of the spring could flow.

Him who is the stopped time can Nobody ever erase. As long as you stare into strange faces, you are looking only for your own coverage. You therefore cannot see anything but are falling, with all your actions, under the authority of foreign faces.

Observe from your face and your eyes with all the will power and you will sharpen your look. Only with your own face can you stop the time. In other faces you only trigger the time of the authority over yourself. Thus you run as time over Him who has bet everything on your face. However, nobody has the authority over Him who has sharpened his look as no one can bargain with stopped time.

The inner strength or will determines the coverage. Reason helps, but power decides and weighs from positive to negative. Will is the basic power to cover the negative.

The secret of the will is in gazing into yourself through all situations. Your face holds an infinite amount of will as it contains the infinity of the Invisible. In a foreign face you fall under the hierarchy that limits you with the visible. Only with yourself are you facing the act. He who cannot, falls under the authority of everything and is becoming a stranger with each act. Everything that has been truly and fairly sharpened from your face will be new, and the newness will greet and dance within you.

For now life is but an elementary force looking for itself. The system is reflective and that is why you are dying in the visible. The world of the real that is arising, however, is hidden in the Invisible and you yourself are raising it.

The flow of time in the soul and spirit is stopped. In the hierarchy of the subordinate to superior only the body that was left last in the shallows of self-willed instinct still flows.

Your body, Your will for life is without a system if it does not have you.

No one with nobody, only you with yourself give life a system by facing yourself through your actions and giving an eternal body to the invisible depths of infinity.

Or in a foreign face you stare into the eternal shallows of your own death.

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