Belief / planning

Man is truly satisfied only once he does something for a fellow man


Man has to trust that the Spirit is within him. Only from the Spirit can one watch the actual. If man trusts in it, than everything that he does is correct. Only the wisdom that helps you trust is worthy of you, everything else resembles nothing. You cannot believe in more things at once. If it were so, then normal bread would not feed you, and you would always be tortured by something.

Belief is a great advantage, for there is always something with you that gives you trust. With belief – the devotion of a snowflake – man takes the least risk. The snowflake always falls onto a plain. If you believe in different things, you are always in the air – like a snowflake that is carried by the wind to and fro. In a firm belief in the accuracy and automatism of life your feeling feels like Christmas – the feeling of birth that keeps repeating itself.

We never have to fear for our money in front of God, nor for our life, for it always brings us exactly what we need. Therefore, let us put every worry into the Lord’s lap (Look at the birds of the sky! They do not sow, nor reap or collect in heavenly granaries, and yet our heavenly Father feeds them…).

Every man has a bit of Jesus in himself. Yet there are not many who allow him to work, although there is relatively little that needs to be done. All he needs is your free will to do something nice for you. For him, everything is possible.

What is behind a man is in stalemate and not under man’s authority. What is in front of him, he has the authority over. A self-willed man has control over everything except over himself. A loyal man has the control over himself.

That which you care for is in the foreground and you cannot see it in the mirror. What you allow in front of yourself, you see and recognize that it is carrying only your face – that you are always faced with yourself.

Man’s times are measured in man’s measurements. For those without faith and trust, all times will be bad or the worst, even if they are not such objectively. Jesus’s worst time – on the cross – turned into his best time through his infinite trust and loyalty.

If you can say goodbye to your loved one, then you can say goodbye to yourself. Times are relative. As long as you do not give in, fear and concern will govern you. That is how long you will be buying the luck in your own judgement, which can only bring misery.

Every new plan you make for yourself is a new point of your entanglement. If you do not plan, then you are guided by chance or God. Trust him. The Lord gives what the soul needs. Do not get yourself involved in plans of others. Because we make plans for our children, they become the object of entanglement and consequently neurotic. Many entanglements are taken care by the destiny – sometimes even with death of someone.

With your own planning disorder begins. Consequently man must never and nothing plan anything in a human way – in his own way. If the basis is good, then the web of tones coming from it is in complete concord and harmony. If only one tone is arbitrarily changed, the whole structure collapses.

Man must be like an empty chessboard, ready to play. What, how and for whom he will play is decided by his fellow men.

If you are the one who is not, then your mere thought helps your fellow man. If you are in relationships – in bigger and smaller entanglements – you actually cannot help anyone, although your intentions are good. It is important to be loyal at all times – left to God’s will. All will come in good time.

The solution to man’s problems would be infinitely simple if man allowed the summer day in the summer, and the autumn one in autumn. Those who do not force their day into a given one are warmed by the Spirit or Lord. Man always lives fighting what is here and now. Life is answering him: ‘I can be with you only here and now. I cannot be with you in your volition – not even my shadow is in it.’

Man who does not allow the day does not allow his fellow man either. We torture each other with ‘good’ intentions. Common sense is offering us a solution, but we try to be smarter than it. People have always wondered what tomorrow will bring and imagined eternity in the future. But that eternity does not exist – only the eternal ‘here and now’, and in it the freedom and liberty for anyone who trust it. That is how a child lives.

In ‘this now’ you are freed from all ties and are aware of eternity. If you allow ‘this now’ before you as the one and only, the Spirit is speaking to you. The problems arise when you plan in advance, for by doing that you press God under the surface of the pool of your illusions. You win the biggest gift once you start living without planning.

Nowadays everyone lives for tomorrow and they do not have an atom of strength for ‘this now’ – for today.

Do not think and calculate! Just be ‘here and now’ before what you have to do. With empty swinging due to the time that does not exist you are only losing your energy. Shut up and allow the inner voice, the Lord is speaking to you with it. One must plunge into ‘this now’ as if one would lay in oneself. For only this one exists, there is nothing else.

In human relationships the inability to be with someone ‘here and now’ is expressed with embarrassment that manifests itself in thousands of ways – with exaggerated kindness, sophistication… With rituals like coffee or tea drinking, uniformity… Societies are falling apart because they are made of only imaginary forms and not from an actual reality. And the politicians are never here and now as it is.

The thoughts that you are reading are not written so that they would make you understand life in technical details, but rather to help you understand that you can trust in life without any risk, start deviating from yourself and surrender yourself.

Authority for a man is the one that man is ready to subjugate to. Your guide should be ‘This now’ or God.

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