Being visible

To be such an answer that nothing is an answer to you anymore, is the same as if you had nullified your entire life


Man can observe either reality or illusion. Only he who is hard on himself stares at the picture of reality, which is pale at first, yet it sharpens with the depth of awareness.

If something is too close to the eyes, then man stares through it and creates an image which he stares at from behind the place of a real object.

Man’s view clears with the scrutiny of the object of observation, which is an indirect analysis or division of oneself. The more he draws away, the more he stares at the entirety. Once he dissevers down to the basis, he moves further away for one whole and can finally see himself.

Man is life on the outside which has to pass over to life on the inside. Once he becomes inner, he catches the sight of himself on the outside and thus unbinds. He is unbound once he lets himself being seen. And once he is not afraid anymore of being seen only for what he is, then even the malevolent cannot take advantage of his blindness anymore.

Only after two allow themselves to be visible, without an image, can they make contact for the first time and a new reality thus begins, one in which there is no space for images. He who has preserved a veiled view of himself and insists on the image begins to divide, at the same time as a new reality grows for the loyal two, and he continues to divide through eons, for there is no turning back.

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