Being of variable view


Inanimate nature is caught in the eyes of a foreign view, for it does not have one of its own. The plant kingdom lives the reactions of the foreign view. Animals have their own view but are caught in concentricity or invariability of it. Man is the only being that is crowned with the endowment of variability or isocentric view.

Man has two views that are opened: a view outwards, with which he conditions reality, and a view inwards, with which he, with his own reality, speculates before his fellow man.

Man who looks outwards can – regardless of his own characteristics – condition a place for all the creation, for every look outwards gives eyes to those who devote themselves. Man is not given only the outward view, but also the insight into the eyes of fellow man – into his inner world, so that he could one day look through the eyes of the other side.

With a reversed view or the view inwards, man shrinks reality into a point of his own centre. When that happens, he suppresses the view of man within himself or the power of an actual view. His eyes then become the eyes of an anti-human – eyes of darkness of all creation. The eyes of an anti-human are the eyes of evil, but in the final sense do not have the power over anyone or anything except their own wickedness.

Man should mature mainly by trusting in reality and not hunt his own reality at all costs. Trust in life and not yourself, for you are a blind man. The more you trust your own mirror, the greater darkness you are in.

Do not be afraid to follow the eyes of a man that you were given, for with them you condition the view for all creation. Your view decides about everything and will, when the reality of the inverted view sets in, define everyone.

‘This is my body, giving itself for you’, for the eyes of Man – the eyes of an actual view from the other side.