Being of infinite value


 Man is a being of infinite value. If he respected the gifts of life with all his awareness he would be the pearl of life in his ignorance. And if two people allowed one another as themselves – as their one rule, then the natural rule of unconscious current would flow between them, but not in confinement but rather in all the freedom and beauty of their natures.

If we do not blackmail life and reality according to our own will, a natural current of life flows within us. As soon as we want to lead life onto our own path we become a pair with ourselves, and in this artificial time that has been overtaken, we break off the natural current of life. For life is not your property, you are the property of life. You cannot name the life after yourself, only life can name you, if you let it.

The society we live in is like a cheap sale where money is of greater value than any soul. In it we live in a constant overtaking of time and thus keep breaking off all the natural current of life. But once an artificial current begins to rule the society, all creativity and development dry up. These days nobody sows and nobody reaps, everyone just mercilessly tries to be a faster predator than others. And so the life today has lost all real value, although it would suffice to simply resign from your value in the name of the value of life.

If your soul is loyal you give infinite value to life by giving a pair to reality. If in your knowledge you give a pair to self-will, the self-will consumes your consciousness which against the will overtakes a man and cuts off all the spontaneity of life.

Life flows according to the ignorance of the loyal and not the knowledge of ‘the smart’ ones. Pairs arise in sub consciousness. Nobody can neither include nor exclude anybody from a pair. Only the sub consciousness can include or exclude according to what you belong to.

The time when you were able to choose pairs and dream about your belonging is over. The time of sub consciousness was born in the distant future, opened the door of pre-time and after-time in the near future and thus unveiled and demarcated the dreamlike from the reality. The sub conscious current has now begun to run in synchronization with the present and the time of final confinement on one hand, and time of infinite freedom on the other, is coming in this pair.

Therefore, my soul, be strong enough in this fatal time of division and do not put your infinite value in hands of those who only play with life. For you knew about the value of life and your own – but not because of the value that you carry inside, but because of life that you belonged to. You will be given a new body, one that you will belong to forever.