Endless altars of wisdom and infinite abysses of madness are asleep in man.


Like birds with their elementary movement or instinct master flight, thus the mentally agile people master the situation, while mentally non-agile do not.

Man does not choose the situations himself. Everything that surrounds you is your situation, however, it depends whether you master it or not. Intelligent and unintelligent people therefore do not exist; there are only those who confront the situation and those who kneel before it.

The intellect depends on the attitude. Once you confront a situation, you put in motion a process, which step by step uncovers the move to the perfect solution. A man can be as bright as a genius; it depends on how he is able to master situations.

Mental health, which conditions physical health, is hidden in the attitude.
There is no magic above man, only the attitude or avoidance.

Man is always exposed to the infinite unknown and constantly has to battle it, in order to be in balance. For if he masters the unknown above him, he has the power and sensibility, while his consciousness remains. If he gives in, the mental imbalance begins. The mental imbalance and destruction are born from indulgence of oneself.

As a scale, you carry two systems within: a constructive and a destructive one. You can be a pair with one or the other. If you confront the situation, the reality is multiplied (constructiveness); if not, the illusion multiplies (destructiveness). Once the constructiveness no longer masters the destructiveness, the development is over and the fight begins.

What you allow before yourself as reality has the power of reality of life. If you are incapable of entering into a relationship with the reality, you seek shelter in the illusion, which presents a problem for your reality.

Avoidance of an action is the beginning of mental languish. There is one confrontation and many instances of avoidance, for they multiply. If man avoids the elementary confrontation, a mental labyrinth of avoidance is launched, which disables the mastery of all further situations; for the first confrontation is the easiest, in the mirrored image of avoidance there is no longer access to the elementary situation, which thus becomes unsolvable.

The young generations of today are generations of avoidance, and their models are stars that live in complete avoidance. The use of drugs has spread due to the mental languish that the young have inherited from their parents. If a young person does not confront the basic problems, each next bigger problem buries him. Education is the helper on a child’s path to confront the life situation, which he has to confront anyway.

There is no contact with reality in avoidance, the ear does not recognize the correct music,
The eye does not see the real beauty.

When confronting a situation, man’s consciousness falls into the rule of the action, with which he is in asymmetry. However, in avoidance, the man counter-pointedly manifests the illusion of the action before him and begins falling into nothing, into the abyss.

When in avoidance, man acts destructively and is unable to accept reasonableness. The reasonableness throws him into the fight with the situation, the done work. Once the work is done, there is none of it left, yet man has acquired a new relationship. Once a new, more difficult task arises, he will control it more easily because of the last one.

Only he who has respected the reality will enter its halls.

The power in man is upgraded and in the end man can master his death. The avoidance is upgraded just the same – till the final loss of the touch with reality. Unfortunately, too many are creators of illusions, in the abysses of which they will end up.