At the threshold of awareness

The life in you is godly and the day you are born, you are born into immortality


God set the man at the threshold between the interior and the exterior, he gave him eyes that are as sharp on the inside as on the outside, and man has created a world between reflections of the inner and the outer view.

Man has inner and outer eyes – a balanced view according to which he lives the outer and the inner ratio. In the outer ratio, the first man’s predisposition is his nature or instinct (the starting ratio), whereas his second is the feedback or conscious (the feedback ratio).

Man is the only being of creation that lives in his inner relation. An animal lives only the outer, for it does not have the awareness of the inner view or free will that would allow it to define on the inside. An animal is in its fundament or starting point unaware and is therefore an automatic feedback of the divine.

Man is caught in his own awareness and the will to define in him is a feedback of God’s starting point only as much as he is leaving behind the awareness of his own.

The feedback is the result of a relationship and is the same on all sides, irrespective of your view or how it concerns you.

The facts always speak for themselves, you should therefore not justify them with your assessment.

Man’s nature functions as feedback, just the same as an animal’s does; however, according to his awareness, man is put into the starting point (as a separated presence), despite that the nature as man’s awareness is only a reflection of the foundation or God’s starting point.

If man takes the starting point in the relation to life onto himself, then the divine in him remains in the negative while man continues to be a reflection of the godly which is in passing. Only once he matures enough to start living as God’s feedback in his inner relation as well, does the godly in him become the starting point.

Nothing is in its place yet. Every minus is essentially a plus and every plus essentially a minus, which is the reason why they are attracted to one another. This cross-over is solved in the relation between the inner and the outer. Man first unbinds in the outer and then in the inner relation. The outer relations are the relations of your nature and the inner ones – the relations of a man.

The life in you is godly and the day you are born, you are born into immortality. If you are subordinate to the life in you then life holds the light of eternity within you. However, if you live the life that you are given as your own, then you put the divine into mortality and are passing away in it. If man subjected to the godly in him, the divine would enter into every relationship. Yet the instinct is chasing and tempting you to enter into a relationship on your own behalf, for only thus can it have power over you.

Nothing on your outside demands anything and has any influence on your inner subordination. Nevertheless, the subordination within helps you to cope with the relationships on the outside, with the ones that your nature, against your will, puts you in.

Man is aware of himself or others. If two are aware of themselves one after the other, they are in an unbearable state; if they give each other a basis in their subconscious, they give each other peace. The secondary one observes consciously and yet subconsciously – the primary one observes consciously and encourages others into a conscious state. As long as man can still change the topic of awareness, it is still bearable to live in his own one, but once his own awareness leads to the contact with himself, all will become intolerable.

In his own awareness man always feels like a liar and in the awareness of everything else he feels reality. He does not have to be aware of anything, awareness floats with everything that has left him.

Everyone who plays to the instincts of your awareness is a liar in front of life. Every act that relieves you of the captivity of your awareness is mercy on the path to true awareness.

Once the awareness gets to the uttermost edge through all the topics, to the ground zero of reality, then you are no longer the arbitrator of the awareness in you, but life itself.

Man, in his awareness, is before he is, for nothing can awake him into real awareness as long as he does not let go of the outer. As long as you are in between the outer and the inner world, you float between them. However, once you leave the outer one, nothing can touch the inner anymore. There is no outer perfection that could revive the inner world. The outer excludes the inner and vice versa; only in the reflections is the inner subjugated to the outer that is reflected on the inside.

The horizontal is the first mirror (the outer inversion) and the angle 45° the second one (the inner inversion). The vertical is the realization of the conditioned relation, in which each plus conditions the minus and each minus the plus. Jesus set a milestone between the outer and the inner, and opened up the inner relation.

A spear into the heart of the Purest cut through the threads of the inner outer, yet in total inner subjugation to his Father he said: ‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Everything is now divinely covered in the inner relation and is realizing itself, while all the outer is dying out without the foundation of the mirror of the inner.

God set man at the threshold of awareness, and today the awareness in man is being born and in it the world of the Lord of man after man.