At the source of time

It does not matter in life how long it took you to realize. What matters is that you did


You are the bearer of the foreign and everything around you is the bearer of yours.

The life of others is your life and your life is theirs. Life is one and does not know different sides. Only you know them, as long as you separate yourself from the wholeness and thus try to live as one and defend the boundaries of yours.

The one thing that hunts a man most is at the same time also the origin of his peace. Man is thus hunted the most by death or non-being, which is at the same time the only origin of peace or being of man. Man can enforce his peace in all forms of the being, but with that he knowingly or unknowingly enslaves the other side for his one-sided being.

Do not look for peace in others, accept you non-being and you will find peace. It is not possible to find peace on the other side. Everyone carries the secret of peace inside them.

We live in the space of each other’s time. As much time as you give, that much space opens up for you, but if you keep the time to yourself, you are only passing on in it.

People are convinced that they live in space and that it is too small for them. Each thus expands his space believing that he is pressed into a psycho-physical space that is too small. Yet the more that he fights, the more he remains at the place of the too small and more he dives in time, for in the basis there is no space yet, only time that we give and that is the time of the defence of the one-sided with which we fall into abyss of time on the vertical of our own.

Man believes that he lives in the space of reality, when he only lives in deception of his own time that reflects in the time of another without depth, without the content of the real.

We give names to each other and steal time from ourselves.

Everything is caught in its own time, only man is a runaway form that God let go from his palms. He is the only being that was given a birth at the source of life into space. With every identity that man acquires, he dives deeper in time. Those who sink too deep into their own time lose the battle of their own birth at the source of time.

‘If you seek me, find me,’ says the Lord.

Nothing in space is in ration, everything is a mirror surface from which nothing has yet stepped from time into space; for everything is one-sided, running away from the proper non-being – the only one that conditions a two-sided relationship. Two-sided relationship is the only reality that sleeps in each of us and waits for yours to fall asleep and in itself gives birth to the foreign or the other side. Only a non-being of two sides gives birth to a reality without deception.

Jesus gave up all of his and went to the source of time, to Lord’s right hand, where he waits for you to give him your time, your present and give him birth into the reality.