Asymmetry – Counterpoint

People are the only beings that are divided according to the rule of good and evil


Man is born as a completely fulfilled sheet or as a floppy disk with the complete programme of nature. With birth we acquire all the elementary data that are passed on sub consciously or through the spirit. Age is in this world measured from the moment a man is physically born. However, in reality, the presence of every man is a secret of billions of light years of temporal mysteries of creation.

The ancestor of humanity is every blade of grass, every ant, fish, etc. Our ancestors are all the atoms, all the suns, all the planets of creation and our actual self is the fellow man. The actual age of every man is thus the same as the age of creation. We are in close or distant relations with the whole creation.

That makes a man a completely defined, filled out sheet of genetic code as nature created it. A man has a consciousness or free will that a rock, a tree, a butterfly or a horse, etc. do not possess as they are not completely filled out sheets of papers like humans are. They therefore do not have the chance of a complete round up with life or the possibility of perpetuum mobile.

As man is a completely filled out sheet he is the only form of creation that decides for himself about the course of action of the given programme. He alone decides whether he will function asymmetrically with this programme and thus in opposition with natural rules, or in a counterpoint and thus form a symbiosis with his opposite or fellow man.

To put it into a metaphor, man is like a train with an infinite number of coaches. If he decides for the symmetry, he is headed into a tunnel where all the coaches disappear. Billions of light years of data are lost in the darkness and vanish from the face of life.

A man who is in counterpoint is just the same, a train with an infinite number of coaches, only one that is coming out of the tunnel. A new coach every moment and then to the eternity. Due to the rule of the perfect programme of nature, which he is given at his birth, man carries the attribute of eternal.

That is why people are God’s children. We are not just anybody. Since we gained all the information at birth, we hold in our hands an infinite value regarding which we ourselves decide. This value is called infinity and it is the main element of the signature that a man, as a completely defined being, carries within.

No other physical form except man is a completely filled in sheet – that is why none decide by themselves about the course of action and none carry the signature of infinity.

Since people are the only ones that hold the eternal signature of life, there are no external influences that would have anything to do with us personally, except that with this rule in the present we turn to relationships.

If we are weak, we spend this sheet on nothing. But if we are brave, we protect it at the cost of anything. For the rule of life is all or nothing, and nothing or all. Thus, being everything, we can annihilate it all, or as being nothing, allow it all. From this nothingness or spirit can stem a man’s healing. Jesus brought people back from the dead, etc.

Man is not born either good or evil. There is only the correct programme of nature inside him. A child does not perceive a movie as good or evil. If it is sad, he will cry. When the righteous is winning, he is happy and claps his hands. There is nothing wrong with a floppy disk in a man. In the relationships that we enter we can be either counterpoint (good) or asymmetric (evil). Man is given a choice and he can decide for himself about the path that he will take or life that he will live.

People are thus beings that are divided according to the rule of good and evil. The rest of the nature does not know this rule as it is divided only into species and subspecies, whereas man is divided into good and evil and is not responsible for the upgrade of the system but rather for life in its entirety.

Man is like a floppy disk, entering into a relationship with another floppy disk or a programme. It all resembles a driving system of a mill. In a relationship between a mother and a child, for instance, the mother is the bigger wheel that with her manner drives the smaller one. If the mother is a counterpoint person, she will, with her attitude to the child, force his wheel to spin in counterpoint and the child will have a good basis. Since this is the closest contact, the cogwheels of both wheels are also in the strongest contact. But if the mother lives a wrong, asymmetric relationship, the child will also be led into it.


Man is a blank sheet when he is entering into a relationship with another person. In his relationship he writes his own story or verifies his signature of eternity. In every relationship that he forms, runs his own individual definition. That is how one of many stories of life in a relationship is written.

These stories are as unique as is man’s signature. Man’s duty in a relationship with a fellow man is nothing else but the maximum responsibility to his and the fellow man’s life. Consequently nobody needs to force anybody into anything. It is enough if man allows the counterpoint, for the counterpoint is God’s spirit or living life.

It is not man’s duty to be a smartarse and teach somebody, say, how they should eat. Completely irrelevant. What matters is that he himself lives the counterpoint. Whoever follows that example and strives for the counterpoint will be compassionate and alive.

The point is not about judging; the point is that we create a strong enough counterpoint. The rule of life says: ‘Man, do not occupy yourself with any physical manifestation, be a counterpoint and the Spirit of God will put everything around you in order.’ ‘They will come and they will go.’ ‘This is not your duty.’ ‘Your duty is to halt before any external choice and accept it upon yourself.’

Jesus Christ is the only earthling who stroke a pose in the name of an arch that is called birth – death. That is the most courageous act a man can perform. In the name of life he put himself into death. He covered the overall arch of life or the whole Father (the unknown). That is why he said: ‘I have beaten death because I took it upon myself. Before the white stalemate I was black. You at least cover your own little arches. I have covered the overall arch that shells all of yours. That is why I carry your sins. There is only one stupidity of yours, and that is the asymmetry, in the fact that among the white you are instantly ready to be white and among the black, black.’ That is how all life disappears from a man.

A very big counterpoint is caused by a very big asymmetry – for example a war. The biggest prosperity thus arises from wars. As soon as people are doing better they fall into the asymmetry that causes recessions, bankruptcies, new wars, etc. Asymmetry is what the crowds love the most. This happens – in this era all over the world – when man ‘turns the cardinal points’.

When a big asymmetric force enters our relationships, like for instance the Nazism, crossing over to its side is not a problem. Consequently the weak ones always cross over to the strong ones. Nowadays it is nonsense to equate those who have crossed over to the asymmetric side with the ones who have accepted death, seized the counterpoint and stood up to this force of evil.

Asymmetry suppresses the dignity of every existence as it suppresses the counterpoint or living life. According to the rule of life, asymmetry is therefore always unjust. Life does not know just and unjust sides. Everything that is asymmetric before God is unjust, be it in the name of a religion or madness. All counterpoint relationships are, on the other hand, no matter the sphere, always just, be it in the name of a bum or a genius.

The difference between the counterpoint and asymmetry is like the difference between night and day. Once man is seized by the predominant magnetic field of asymmetry he cannot break free anymore. The more it pulls him, the more he depicts himself.

Just as strong is the field of the counterpoint. Once man gains the power of the spirit nothing can pull him into the asymmetry. This power gave Jesus the strength to accept the cross. If there had been even a hint of a weakling in him he would not have been able to do that.

The inner strength or the counterpoint is in the fact that people sub consciously listen no matter where the inwardness manifests. Did Jesus Christ organize lectures in halls with cushioned chairs? People found him themselves. They were attracted by the power of his inwardness and the Life in him.

There is no need for the truth to be written when somebody is speaking. Every man in himself feels when something is genuine and thus spontaneously listens. In the end, it does not matter where a person listens to something; outside in the rain or at home. Life is telling you: ‘It does not matter where, when or who from you realized. The important thing is that you realized.’ It is necessary to look at life normally.

Man does not need to be smart for life to be with him. That is called playing it safely and it completely alienates the person from Life and his own essence. Man should agree to reality – his own ignorance, for only thus would he allow life all the wisdom. The moment somebody says ‘I know’ he becomes stupid. Man does not know anything. The life in him does.

Weakling is a man who does not dare to step to the other side of his own rule. Jesus Christ stepped to the other side of his own rule and there was death. From the other side of the rule he lived for three years. Forty days in the desert he was taking upon himself the rule of origin – the rule of the dead. The moment he conquered the rule of the dead, life was able to act and through him infinitely reflect. And there was God in this life that acted.

People who try to be perfect do not carry any dimension of life. They are white clones. Nobody dares to be black anymore. Once a man crosses the line, he wanders as white among the whites and is lost. From here on he suffers in an infinite asymmetry of everything. He should take a risk for at least an inch, to be able to cross the line that divides the asymmetry from the counterpoint.

How does a child live? When he is sad he cries, when he is happy he smiles. He cries naturally, he is happy naturally and he sees a puppy naturally, whereas people today cry artificial cries and take courses in artificial laughs. It would be enough if people lived at least the basics of children.

Every time the world has strayed to one side or asymmetry the consequence was ruin. From the Holy Bible we know the Flood and the example of Sodom and Gomorrah. (If I find at least one who is righteous (in counterpoint) among them I will not end the whole city.)

Exposure to the counterpoint is the only thing that Life demands from man. Only in the name of the counterpoint can the Spirit of Life and the Holy Spirit be awoken. When an act is done asymmetrically there is no information in the Spirit of reality, and nobody knows what is going on.

An asymmetrical man can endlessly talk and explain and yet cannot convince a sensible and normal man. On the other hand, the short thoughts of Jesus, covered with his offering, have been standing as if imbedded in gold for two thousand years. As they are the rule of life itself, they are extremely simple but comprehensible only to those who live in counterpoint.

All the empires and all the systems that have ever existed went to rack and ruin because of the annulment of the counterpoint. All the ruins are a consequence of the unbearable life in the asymmetry. Once life becomes unbearable, people begin to destroy it.

In this era the destruction began with terrorism, mass massacres at schools, disorder around the world, migrations, etc. As the counterpoint does not have ‘the right of domicile’, people cannot exist in the uniqueness of life anymore. Terrorism starts when the counterpoint is broken. Thus the decay of all human asymmetric systems and the decay of this world begin.