Always someone else

Nobody has their own place


The Lord created only one day and one night, and everything passes by in the same day – night.

If others did not exist we would be eternal prisoners of our own paths,

And merely infinite extortionists of our own confirmation.

There is no future and there is no past, there is only the crossed ratio of day and night in the night of the given on the vertical, for the searches on the horizontal of the aware, that with comprehension solves the cross of the unaware in you – the cross of the left in the right right in the left of life and death – sooner, before it is.

Everything that they are in control of their lives, yet nobody is more than a chance of the day in the night and the night in the day.

Everything that is aware in you is unaware in the Lord. Everything that is unaware in others works as aware in you and it is the same with others as it is with you.

You are a day, given by the Lord – the basic ball of perpetuum mobile. Everyone is a day, given by the Lord and which is passing by.  But only if there is mercy between two balls do they give birth from the One. If there is no mercy, there is only night that is preserving the same day – and everything in it is growing old.

You are the Lord’s place to others and others are for you. Everyone to themselves are only a dream, but the moment of rounding up comes after comprehension for the letter cancels the dream.

In time of the search constructive self-affirmation reigned; with time of comprehension destructiveness grew in the name of confirmation, but during that time the end of the world came or pure destruction of self-affirmation, because nothing else is possible in that name.

You can locate everything on this world, only not yourself and how to clarify their location to someone and how to explain someone the location of the Father and His Son; but if it is Yours, when the son conceives his son and the father becomes the son, then it is too late.

Your permission for one quarter means the presence of the living spirit which you feel in your body; your permission for one half means the soul that revives your whole world, that pours through everything around us, and once everything will have the place in us fully, Jesus will be your first guest.

Everyone is unique and brilliant within,

But they are losing their essence if they miss the address, which is always somebody else for them.