All creation is a manifestation of a pre-made whole


The foundation of everything is a whole that was pre-made and exists before it exists. All creation is a manifestation or division of this whole into frequencies. We are mortal because we are the division of this whole and we embody the divided present or time.

Every division represents gravitational ratio while magnetism is the ratio of the whole: the Sun is the rule of the whole or magnetism and the planets the rule of the division or gravitation.

Man thus lives in the world of divided time and is in search of the rounding up of time after man.

With the beginning of the first rounding up or the rounding up of the first elementary angle of creation – 225° angle, the divided time is rounded up for the first time and the first rounded up form is materialized: the spirit, that functions as water, the elementary basis of all nature that forms thousands of elements. In this time the spirit is already water in which you can swim, whereas it was only a messenger before the rounding up.

Before the first rounding up people had no foundation – water in which they would swim. They only had promised waters and lived with the faith in the whole, yet without any foundation. Those were the floating wholes of a divided time that was not yet rounded up. They were without comparison in time and they reciprocally, one according to the other, measured fairness, truthfulness, all life’s rules, yet none had any foundation, any real value. There was an empty sky without any stars above them, all they had was hope – the faith in the Northern Star.

As soon as the first rounding up of the divided time begins, man already has a whole that guides him. He is like a swimmer in the water who is not entirely safe since he is not on land, however, he already swims automatically, for people are like castaways at the sea. Once we bend and let ourselves to our destiny, God’s will brings us to the shore, taking the fastest route possible. As long as we row and try to save ourselves, the shore is getting further away from us.

The first rounding up of time enables the first possible sin against the Holy Spirit or the basic rule of life. Woe to those who will sin against the Holy Spirit, against the Stronger one. They will fall into the hysteria of their own entanglement. And although they will be aware that it hurts them, they will persist, because they will no longer have the power to give themselves to life.

The second rounding up of time or the rounding up of the second basic angle of creation – the 270° angle, means that the shore has been found: when the castaway reaches land. When the trust in the whole is conditioned and man lets himself fall into its lap, the shore is found. Man becomes aware of the power of the sea and no longer doubts his safety, which makes him walk the solid ground of the land in peace. He becomes aware because of the sea – land comparison.

The sea was already born in time, when at the same time the land became to be.

Once the land and the sea are born, the entanglement is a complete nonsense. You get entangled in your spirit and the spirit is already water that you swim in, so there is no need for you to sink. Every lost person ties himself up in the water and sinks himself. Happy the man who reaches the land; that is decisive. The lost one will forever reproach himself: ‘You fool! I swam in the Lord’s ocean, yet I wanted to be the ocean myself. Why was I not merely a devoted swimmer?’

Time is like a string: if you entangle it, you entangle it, and the more you try to disentangle it, the more entangled you get. If you follow time, time is like a string on a fisherman’s reel and you as the fisherman control it.