Agreement / Disagreement

If man lived spontaneously like a child, he would not have crises in his life. He would not keep searching for the formula for how to live but would live the way he is


When he does not agree with something, a man strong enough keeps his mouth shut and waits for a moment to find out what the problem is. Disagreement causes disagreement and every disagreement leads into the world of disagreements. That does not make any sense. Man should be strong enough not to enter the field of disagreements so as not to get lost.

Even if you are fair and have no intention of cheating anyone, is your disagreement nevertheless the devil’s disagreement, as it is the disagreement with the basis itself.

A wise man lets things take their course when he cannot accept something at a certain time or at a certain moment, or cannot understand, and when the time comes, he might understand and agree. There is nothing wrong if that time never comes – he has enough of other agreements.