Accurate and inaccurate information

The only thing that hunts us is our non-acceptance of the accurate information


Events that we can feel, foresee or our hunch predicts are in a logical sequence and therefore is the spirit of some time. Whereas are those events for which there is no way of anticipating or perceiving them, outside of the spirit of reality and thus belong into the world of lost events, which is ruin.

In this world there are events that run in the spirit, and events that are without any foundation or without spirit. In this world too can somebody have a mortal sin or an event without a foundation. A bad event is an event without foundation and hell are events without any logical sequence.

The events of small children are all in the world of predictability. They cannot act any event and they cannot outwit anybody. That is why they are pure. A child who is growing up can already act to some extent (pain, for example) and thus falls out of the pure foundation of the spirit. According to the same rule, the animals are as pure as children.

A grown up man is in a half – half position. He can be honest and on the other hand equivalently act out each event. The half – half position is thus a sign of adulthood.

It takes only one man to act the events and he can trick and take away the balance of one or even more generations. When an individual is an ‘acted event’ he can, with his seeming belonging to an event, fool crowds of people. Such was the case all through history when the crowds succumbed to somebody who did not take the responsibility for his actions. When an event does not have a foundation in the spirit and the world ‘falls’ for it, a whole nation or the whole world can get stuck on the instability of this event (country leaders, media stars, spiritual leaders, etc.).

Man should thus be honest in all his actions. If it is difficult, he should allow it. If he is happy, he should be happy. This is the only logic. Every honest and natural person is automatically a healthy foundation for any human relationship.

Women fake events much more than men. Children are the strongest according to the natural rule of predictability and consequently are we prepared to do for them much more than for anyone else.

Jesus Christ was the most pure, not acted event and has been active in every man to this day. It is possible, however, to outwit this fact.

The easiest for a child is to outwit its mother. The Holy bible says: ‘Lucky you in the final hour, the bosom that has not nursed.’ Such bosom is not tempted by an inaccurate event.

The easiest way to strike a balance is through a man who consents to each fake event and takes it onto himself, for there exists an inner rule of balance. People lack trust and faith and thus do not dare to be honest.

Hell is nothing else but a world of lost information, and heaven a world of accurate information in you.

A child is in the beginning a 100% accurate information or ‘a little alien’. He cannot move a finger without it being accurate. As his awareness forms through the growing-up process, the possibility for the information to be accurate gets smaller and smaller. Anything that he might do following his will or parallel is deviance from accurate information.

Adulthood means that one has the same possibility of acting as he has of being accurate. To act sadness and tears that are identical to true sadness and real tears. The secret of the spirit is that the spirit can wholly distinguish between an accurate and an acted event, although our physical eyes cannot. Parents and educators should therefore be as consistent as is in their power. A child can easily fool you with an acted event if you do not analyse, and all inaccurate information means a loss of equilibrium.

It is thus possible for a single man to fool the whole world if the world is not prudent enough to see it. Precisely for this reason have manipulators always taken advantage of crises to get to the throne. And it is the same today.

Therefore try to be always honest. Whatever happens, find the strength and stand before anyone as an accurate information.

What heals? Only accurate information. A hand that helps the needy must be a hand of a person who is an accurate information. It takes very little for a miracle to happen and someone is healed. After the accurate information Lazarus rose from the dead.

Confession is an agreement of accurate information.

The devil tempted Jesus with the words: ‘Fall on your knees before me and serve me, and the whole world shall be yours.’ Jesus could infinitely accurately and for all times act this information.

When man lives the inaccurate information it seems that the hardest thing of all is living the accurate one. The accurate information is the only thing that hunts us.

He who lives the accurate information finds everything as self-evident as it is self-evident for the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening. That does not require any strain, for it is one with reality or accurate information (My Father in me and I in my Father).

In any case, it is in the final sense extremely difficult to act information that requires a lot of skill. You are never sure whether your performance was 100%.

When man is in inaccurate information he is always tense. He has the feeling of being constantly watched and is thus paranoid.

Man who lives accurate information is like a sleepwalker. Because he has no self-awareness everyone can watch him yet he never has the feeling of being watched. Self-awareness, and consequently fear, occur when one does not agree to the accurate information.

The Lord does not demand lovely data from man, only accurate. If you are in a bad mood do not act kind. If you love somebody, do not be afraid of telling them that. Do not fear putting your foot down when necessary, etc.

A man who is accurate information thus has a lot of power, regardless of his temperament. He can be very temperamental and gets angry easily, which can make him react harshly. Yet that does not matter. The important thing is that he does not pretend that he is what he always is. That he does not divide into ‘yours and ours’ and does not pretend to be a nice person, when in fact he is a ticking bomb on the inside. That he always speaks his mind, etc.

When somebody is accurate information he can calm a baby down, although the baby is not aware of what is going on. Sub consciously he feels the safety of the accurate information. A man who is accurate information could walk among an infinite number of people and all the children would follow him. Similarly to that people go to the Holy Church where they search only for the safety of the accurate information.

Accurate information automatically regulates the health of body and soul. It always brings automatic peace and trust. A small child in a lap is thus more pleasant than an adult, and for the same reason is a dog man’s best friend.

First be the accurate information for others and you will give them peace. Do not try to force a fellow man into trusting the abstract information that is not prepared to be accurate. It is better to be an accurate information that is disorderly and impolite than to be an inaccurate information that is tidy and polite. An inartificial man will love you even when you are like that.

It is said nowadays: ‘We need to talk.’ ‘Agreement is everything.’ ‘A husband and a wife need to sit down and have a talk.’ ‘The presidents have to reach an agreement.’, etc. All of that are only propagandistic statements used for publishing of inaccurate information.

There is no need to worry about your life. Try maximally to exist as accurate information and do not waste time on the inaccurate ones.

You are basically alone in the world and yet there is always somebody with you – the One, who is the accurate information – no matter when He lived.

The time is coming when nobody will be able to place inaccurate information into the place of an accurate one. The inaccurate information will no longer be able to con the accurate one. The time of Truth is coming.

Accurate information is born with the precision of analysis. The Lord says: ‘As long as I am stretched out as time I cannot act live and you can each freely write you own life story into me.’ ‘Yet in the Book of Life there are only accurate stories – accurate information.’