Death itself is constraint into the acceptance, and life the time of acceptance of this constraint


There can be no acceptance until something is final. The time is recognized now and the whole world, not only individual actions, a leaning towards the constraint of acceptance of the stopped time.

Once something is perfect there is no more gravitation, only the acceptance of the vertical. In the stopped point only acceptance or rebellion are possible. To go into eternal life is to cross this border.

As soon as man changes a faith into a relic of his safety he is not in the acceptance of the stopped state.

Up until now nothing was frozen, it was in gravitation when people were able to say: ‘We shall talk about it’, but that was always at the expense of someone’s stopped time. At the moment each time of action is frozen in the moment, if there is no acceptance of the stopped state from the two sides. The constraint into acceptance or frozen state of action is the last mercy on people.

Only in acceptance is there spring – eternal frost in non- acceptance.

‘Father, I deliver my soul into Your palms’,
He said and His time stopped in the Fathers palm,
Waiting for the day
When he Will play like the wind with the flowers of the spring with someone.