Acceptance of finality

Heaven is not simply out there – it is a reality that is born within you


Infinite number of states to choose from, like letters in s postman’s bag,
All the letters addressed to the same address –
The final acceptance of our own state.

You are always in some kind of state that you are always running from, because you cannot accept it as the final one. You therefore dream about another state, however, once you reached it, you would immediately start dreaming about a third one… And thus the circle of illusion flows at the expense of powerlessness to accept finality.

Eve, who tore off the apple, did not want to accept the actual state but wanted to become goddess and possess the mathematics of God. But no one can possess that, for it is the mathematics of the reality which you will not know, not in this not in the other world.

Jesus was, according to God’s will, defined into the final state of the cross which he accepted through bloody sweat. The son of reality, in disgrace left to the world of illusion, because he did not have his own. The illusion annotated him the harshest reality – the cross. If he had resisted that, he would not have been the foundation of the real world. After him, everyone has the power to accept all the states, for with his offering he covered all the states and is carrying the state of everyone. Only he who accepts his state falls in Jesus’s and He into his and they will be one in reality.

Week is he who fumbles with illusions and is afraid of the actual state as the devil himself. The devil, the master of the illusion, runs away from the cross, the foundation of the real world which means the end of the reign of the illusion.

Therefore accept each situation – accept the actual state in which you are and you will be at the starting point of reality. From here on a new – miraculous world begins…

Heaven is not simply out there – it is a reality that is born within you.

A miracle somewhere happens when man finally agrees to his state (Međugorje, Fatima, Mali Lošinj..). The place conditions with its mercy so that man becomes the starting point for the inner state – God’s rule and accepts it, no longer bargaining with reflective rules. Healing is the direct consequence of the reality to which man offers himself for the pair.

Nowadays such a place has been born in every loyal person, it lights for him like a light of reality that does not die out. It will return his health, alleviate the soul’s torments and free the spirit – to perfection and infinity.

Nowadays life puts all the people into the final state, their reflective worlds are no longer compatible in the final state which has the authority over them. Hysteria that appears in man at the powerlessness of accepting the proper final state is equivalent to the force of reality and therefore uncontrollable. It is no longer based on arbitrary reflective rules of the illusion, but is the consequence of the calculation of Lord’s mathematics.

Wisdom mitigates the acceptance of the actual state and during the final days the final state. But even the wisdom is final and thus absolved of the task of the announcer of the time of reality. It spoke of the time that is coming and drew the map of reality. Once the map is drawn, the final wisdom is said and the final state needs to be accepted, so that a land can arise from it. For if there is a map, there is also land. However, only the loyal homeless man knew that – the secret of God’s kingdom was hidden from the magnates of golden courts.