Acceptance of death

Each in his own is a manifestation of death and all around him there are only deaths


At the expense of strange deaths, you live a reflective life while at the same time others cross you as they live at the expense of your death.

Only one thing is for sure: you are death and all the worries and problems that you have are only a visualization of the fictitious life that you live, because you are incapable of accepting the actual state – death.

Death is the wind that blows, it is the fog that stretches through all creation, all up until man takes it upon himself. Jesus was the first to take the death upon himself and move it from the orbit into the centre, so that it became one-way. Once someone else takes it upon himself, it will become the starting point of life.

There is an infinite number of deaths that blow, however, there is only one life that is coming; people and all creation live endless lives, however, there is only one death that blows over everything and seeks acceptance.

The Lord is infinitely righteous, for we are all the same living death. It is not important who you are for life, it is only important that you accept your death. However, once death gets the confirmation, it will snatch away the pedestal of all those who lived a fictitious life at the expense of unaccepted deaths of others. They will cave into their own death because around them there will no longer be the death from the ratio that would maintain them as life.

The time of the acceptance of death is coming. Among all the existing deaths, the awaited one is the one that will be accepted and everything will turn around…