About Weaknesses

When you allow everything in its place, you yourself are in the only right place


All the people in this world are equally people, no one has any advantages over anybody, no one is ‘blessed’ or worthy of everything.

Your essence is therefore hidden in each person, your problem, joy, pride and weakness. Accept it in each man as your own and things will be easier for you. Once you find yourself in the same essence as somebody else, the weakness will become wisdom. In such as manner you can preserve the trust in yourself that is needed so that you do not give up.

Therefore do not defend yourself, for preserving weaknesses is not worth your while. Share them with everyone and they will not be yours any more. Their faces light up with joy then, like children’s on a common courtyard of life.

Order is created only from disorder. As long as you hide it in yourself, you hate it in others. That is the reason why you cannot accept it. Non-acceptance of the disorder of others takes away your safety and trust in your own life, and with that also in God.

There is nothing wrong with admitting the disorder in you, for in the end it is owned by life – it is yours only as much as you claim it. In the basis everything is life’s, so do not preoccupy yourself with what you got. Share everything with the close ones and peace will reign among you. Peace will also be with you as you will no longer worry what to do with this and that.

As much as you try to stand before others with your beautiful face, hiding your mistakes and weaknesses, to such extent you unknowingly turn your back on them. In the name of your pretty face or your volition they will take advantage of your back or the places you wish to hide from them.

It is thus pointless to try to exist. Give up your pretty face and your existence, and the back that somebody could take advantage of will be gone.

For where you are not, others cannot exist with their faces either. Thus they fall into an abyss where you with your back, onto which they want to hang your weakness, do not cover their pretty faces – their weaknesses.

When you allow everything in its place, you yourself are in the only right place. Do not worry about what this place is called. Others discover its name, its look and content. You will mean nothing to some, and everything to others.

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