A step back

The time is running out, but the primary element of birthing and passing remains eternal


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

According to the Lord you are a human – a species above species – the only one who can, with his steps, leave the human species or sink with it into the subspecies of humanity.

Only he who takes the cross of man onto himself is leaving the human species and giving birth to the man after man.

There are many steps before man takes his cross onto himself; but in fact, there are only two. Every step back is a step of your acceptance, every step forward a fight for the existence of the species. The steps of all the subspecies of man are the steps of nature; only the steps of man are the steps of free will.

Nobody gets to the Lord, except through me.

You are human according to the Lord, but the steps towards man are yours. With every step you open or close the spot of Lord’s mercy, which has power over everything except over your steps.

The Lord’s word gave birth to you, the Lord’s word put life into you; respect it, therefore, and do not belittle it with your steps.

An honest soul is always embarrassed if you confirm it – every proper confirmation is a denial or betrayal of man’s soul.

The difference between a step forward or backward is not in the step or the action, but in man’s position. He who is aware of himself takes the cross of man onto himself and is turned toward man, thus opening the place of man. By not accepting the cross, man is stepping onto the other side, from which he demands confirmation or the foundation of gazing inside himself.

If man had the power to accept the fact of inverted time, he would allow the step back and become the starting point of the time forward. With every step of confirmation you live only stories, in which there is everything, only you are not and will not be, as long as you do not subtract your steps to the last ray of light in your eyes.

Only then will the Lord be able to say: ‘Be light and Man will rise from the human.’

If mercy is at the disposal that does not mean that you do not have to ask for it. Mercy is your life and each step of loyalty a request for it, each superiority over mercy given in advance a step closer to the abyss of time without space.

You are the primary element, infinite and eternal, an abyss of death within yourself, one to another the content of life.

The time is running out, but the primary element of birthing and passing remains eternal.