The time of actions

Your eyes are the only ones you cannot fool

Man is a king in this world and the surroundings his kingdom.
He alone decides about his actions, but in the end becomes the result of them.
For the final legitimacy originates from each individual himself,
There is no use to object.


You alone measure out the power of life. Therefore, if you have no strength for an action, life cannot have it either. And if you have mercy on life, life will have mercy on you. Therefore, always use all the will, and life will take care of everything with all the will.

However, rather than trying for an actual relationship, people fool the fellow man with the game of relation. They are not aware that the attitude of life towards themselves is reciprocal in their attitude to life – and independent of their game.

The less relation to life man has, the greater the need for a relation.

People breed their weaknesses in relationships because they think that in a relationship, they can transfer the responsibility for their lives onto another. However, relationships are like a double DNA string, which unbinds into two separate strings; it does not matter, who you were in a relationship with and how the fellow man saw you, for you were building only your relationship from your side. Everyone has defined himself personally and completely independently.

While you were taking care of the actions, you were unknowingly merciful to yourself.

Into every action in your relationship you were able to invest either rest or unrest. If man had a perfect relationship, he would be at complete peace, as life would have the perfect relationship with him. Yet we each carry the difference to perfection and torment awaits us, once our actions overcome us.

The rule of life has completely turned
And you no longer measure out the strength to life, but life to yourself.
The action is in progress in front of you and the control of yourself is fading out,
As the time of free will no longer exist; the time of actions has begun.

The time of action behind you and your relation in front of you has been replaced by the time of action before you and your relation as the consequence of the action behind you.

Jesus nowadays appears as an action that can no longer be denied, for it is not bound to space and time. You were able to deny him only as long as he was hidden in the relationship.

Man was the ‘master’ of his actions, now the Lord of actions is coming. The relationship will be the only competent rule of man’s state, all this-sided parameters will fall off. And the healthy will become sick and the sick healthy.

‘I come as quietly as a thief,’ I come as an action.

Today peace could begin, Pentecost for the whole world. However, the Lord has not defined what the end shall be. Yet he is more present among people with every day, merciful or cruel. Where people are cruel rulers of life, life shall be a cruel ruler of them.

The Lord is a righteous judge, for everything is in your hands.

All eyes can see everything. Your eyes are the only ones you cannot fool, you can fool all others. It is therefore true that God can see everything, know everything – for our eyes see everything. Once you can handle the confrontation with your own eyes, you are gazing at the eternal ones.