The foundation stone

You live in a world that is not real


The end of searching, the beginning of reality

How to recognize virtuality in virtuality, the invisible in the invisible? Where to begin and what to grab a hold of? Only the eyes of death eventually see through, once they finally accept their own nothing, dictated by the mirrored whole.

Once the day of the final recognition comes, there is no more searching and the all-encompassing rule of reality enters through anyone’s gate. While clarification was only clarification of some reality, the illusion worked logically and constructively due to the unknown. Today the unknown has become destructive due to the withdrawal of the unknown. And clarification has become clarification of one reality.

You live in a world that is not real

It seems real, but it is only mirrored; the world in which man reigns, which is given the crown of the other reflection, to live its own world and its own laws of virtuality – virtuality in virtuality. Reality copied horizontally, giving birth to the illusion – copied also vertically, giving birth to the man’s world, the illusion of the illusion. In his twice mirrored world, man is afraid only of death – the only bird of reality in the sky of the illusion of the illusion.

You are an exile, hoping for a way home,
Or drunk from a foreign land.

The illusion of the illusion, a polar opposite of reality, possessing the whole – the fluid of life, while death has one eight – death. Without a real place, exiled and crossed between each other, we take up foreign spaces. The right one functions for the left one and carries the cross of death in him in the hope off the coming reality (one eight) – the left one functioning for the right one and living at his expense in a Mecca of illusion (the whole).

The foundation stone of the real world,
Awaiting the house of reality.

Only one is enough for the foundation. Jesus finally took the cross of reality onto himself and thus set the foundation of the real world. Since then man has been waiting for the reality of coverage, to rise like a lawful – eternal world. Only one is enough for the confirmation of the foundation, for the house to start growing and for reality to send out invitations to a feast and peace to the waiting ones, and in that name winnow their world.

Now the invitation have been sent out and the God’s invited ones are on their way. And he who is on his way has left his old home behind and is in his thoughts, words and actions in the spirit of the new home. That is how the rule of reality lives, being stronger than the rule of the illusion which is crumbling.

And you will be amazed, how you could have experienced reality as real,
When it did not have a shred of life content in itself.
And how could you not have seen the life in the reality?

Directly proportional with recognition and acceptance of the recognized the reflections fade away and thus all the crossed relations. The whole virtuality is dividing, the world of reality is awakened. The triggered force of reality, unimaginable to human eyes, deaf to the rules of virtuality, crushing everything that has not remained loyal.

It comes quietly as thief, peacefully as a sunny day after a storm. For some in peace, for others with terror does the end of the world sets in – the one and only reality sets in. in the midst of a tornado an unimaginable peace of reality, while the illusion is banished from the centre, withdrawing into an ever stronger destruction.

The force of reality automatically sets the boundary between people. Suddenly there is not only one world there; the worlds divide and reflect the final into eternal ways. Suddenly there are no longer two in one story; one is in the state of ruin, one in state of salvation.